Friday, March 13, 2009

Tally thus far

This post has no purpose, other than assuaging my own curiosity. I know how many books I've read this year, and how much progress I am making on my other challenges. But I am curious about what kind of books I've read so far.

First, I have four books in progress, all of them non-fiction.

I have read nine books this year so far that are non-fiction. Four of those are memoirs of one sort or another. One is biographical. One is history. Two are roughly sociology. I'm not sure how to categorize the final one.

I have read 22 works of fiction. The largest number of those, 11, are mystery, suspense, or something of the sort. Four are Chick Lit. Two are sci-fi or fantasy. One is historical fiction. One is poetry. One is juvenile fiction. One is more serious contemporary fiction. One is a Pride & Prejudice take -off.

One big glaring hole is that I have read no classic literature this year. I've also read less history than usual, although one book that is in progress is history. I've also read more constitutional history and commentary than the list would indicate, because I've been reading for my class, but not entire books.

As I said, this is just for my own information. Last year's challenge was in categories, and I liked that bit of discipline.

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