Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Progress report

I decided it's time to take a look at where I am with my challenges for this year. I finished the Support Your Local Library Challenge in July. The largest challenge that I have, numerically, is the 100+ Challenge. As of today I have read 83 of the 100+ books I need to read for that challenge. Another 17 this year shouldn't be any problem.

However, I may lose some numbers because I need to start cracking down and reading the books for a couple of the other challenges. In the To Be Read Challenge, I am currently at 7/12, a couple of books off of the one-a-month-pace I had intended to set. In the Books to Read before I Die Challenge I am even further behind, at 4/10. Both challenges tend to feature books that I need to be in the mood for or concentrate a bit more on, not the kind of books that I can squeeze in five minutes if while I'm waiting for a train to pass. But I'll keep plugging along.
The Historical Challenge is a piece of cake. I am at 9/12 in that challenge, and the only reason that I haven't finished it is that I'm being picky about what qualifies and I'm trying to read a bit more variety.
So, all in al,l I'm doing okay. My reading has become more eclectic. So far this year I've read eight memoirs, 11 other works of non-fiction, two volumes of short stories, eight speculative/post-apocalyptic/sci-fi, a couple of historical/time travel hybrids, plenty of murder mysteries, political thrillers and historical novels, plus a good mix of classic novels and books by authors from and about various countries.