Friday, February 1, 2013

January round-up

I read a lot this month. That's one benefit to taking a trip to a place with no TV or internet, followed by a bout of the flu and a sluggish recovery.

As a result, I'm off to a good start on some of my challenges. I have read 15 of the 100 books that I need to read for the Read-a-Latte Challenge. I have read books from 10 different genres out of the 18 I am attempting for the Genre Variety Challenge. I may decide to go up a level on that one.

I have read one of the ten books for my A Little Help from My Friends Challenge and one of six for the What's in a Name Challenge (which promises to be very challenging.) I have read five of 50 for the library challenge, but I blame being sick for that. I did my reading either from my shelves or from my Kindle for a couple of weeks.

I managed two of the twelve titles from the TBR challenge that I am doing, but the longest and most difficult books on that list remain. I am also adding to my TBR Pile, because, of course, I have added new books to it in the last year! I have read two of ten books for the Nerdy Non-fiction challenge, three of the six required and one of the five optional for the Back to the Classics challenge, two of eight for Vintage Mystery, and two of 15 from Historical Fiction.

My favorites so far this year are My Antonia and Fall of Giants. The least enjoyable was The Case of the Stuttering Bishop. That was a disappointment, because I loved the old Perry Mason TV show.