Sunday, January 4, 2009

World Citizen Challenge

I've decided that I want to put a little more effort into my reading challenges this year so I'm searching out some different ones that are out there. I've picked a few that I'm going to do. The first is The World Citizen Challenge.

I am picking this one for several reasons. First, it is non-fiction, which I have only really started reading for pleasure during the past couple of years, but enjoy immensely. Second, it encompasses things like history, economics, culture, and politics from an international perspective. Those are things that I would be reading about, but it will help give me some focus. Third, it's only seven books and can fit in nicely with the others that I am doing. These are the categories that the books will come from: politics, economics, history, culture or anthropology/sociology, worldwide issues, and memoirs/autobiographies. I will do one from each and then one more.

I'll be listing my books here and will link to it in my sidebar.

1. The House at Sugar Beach by Helene Cooper (memoir/Liberia)(finished 2/20/2009)
2. Cruel and Usual Punishment: The terrifying global implications of Islamic Law by Nonie Darwish (Worldwide Issues) (finished 1/15/2009)
3. A Princess Found by Sarah Culberson & Tracy Trivas (memoir/Sierra Leone) (finished 8/31/2009)
4. Au Revoir to All That: Food, Wine, & the End of France by Michael Steinberger (culture/France) (finished 12/15/2009)
6. Seeds of Terror: How Heroin is Bankrolling the Taliban and Al Qaeda by Gretchen Peters (Politics/Afghanistan)

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