Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Book Review: Certain Jeopardy

Certain Jeopardy was an enjoyable book. The story was well-told and the characters were believable.

Co-written by an Army Chaplain and an author of many Christian books, it is the story of a Special Ops team on a mission to Venezuela. As the story moved to its conclusion the fast-paced action kept me reading. I enjoyed the way the authors wove the lives of the families back home in throughout the story.

I don't usually enjoy Christian fiction, because so often the belief seems to drive the story. In this book the story was told, and the Christian belief was a part of it, but in a way that fit the story and made sense. It also wasn't simplistic in the Christian/good, not Christian/bad way that I have seen at times in Christian fiction. Not all of the characters were Christians. The leader of the team, arguably the main character, was not, and was presented as a decent man. From a theological point of view, I liked it that this book didn't present belief as a cure-all that would make all of the characters' problems disappear.

Some reviewers have found the lack of swearing disconcerting--it is referred to, but not written--as such language tends to be de rigeur in books involving the military. I found its absence refreshing. I know it's realistic, and it doesn't keep me from reading other books, but it's nice to have a break from it.

Not a great work of literature, but a decent and entertaining read.

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