Thursday, January 2, 2014

2013 Recap, Hello 2014!

I am really excited about my challenges and the books I plan to read for 2014, but before I finish the first of those, I figure that I need to wrap up 2013.

I took part in 12 reading challenges this year.

1.  A Little Help From My Friends (completed 12/15)
2.  What's in a Name (completed 11/27)
3. Vintage Mystery (completed 9/19)
4. Nerdy Non-fiction (completed 8/13)
5. TBR Pile Challenge (FAILED UTTERLY)
6. Genre Variety Challenge (completed 4/16)
7. Historical Fiction Challenge (completed 12/23)
8.  Read-a-Latte (completed 11/3)
9.  Back to the Classics (completed 11/27)
10. Tea and Books (completed 6/8)
11. Library Challenge (completed 9/14)
12. Reading Challenge Addicts (Failed, because of 5)

So, I managed to complete 10 of 12 challenges, while reading 114 books. I read quite a number of books that I would not have read if it hadn't been for these challenges.  It is interesting to me that the one challenge I failed is the one that required me to read books that I have purchased but not read. It seems to be one of the features of my particular ADD that I am extremely moody about books. What looks so exciting one day can look completely uninteresting the next. This is part of the reason that I have been making much better use of the library.

Overall, even though I didn't finish two of my challenges--one of which was simply a challenge to finish the others--I consider this a successful year in reading.

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  1. I know you have all your challenges. But you've inspired me to at least write in one place the books I'm trying to finish. Who knows maybe I'll get a bunch done! So, here's my challenge for the year - in addition to your friends one.