Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A little organizing

I spent some time this morning looking at my Filling in the Gaps Challenge list and pulling books from it that would fit the various challenges that I am doing this year. There are more that will work for various challenges, but this gives me a start.


  1. You Mean and Rotten Person! Now I HAVE GUILT! Sigh... grumble grumble grumble... off to make a list of at least my TBR pile.... GRRRRR. ;-) Thanks Jane! At least I'll have a list of the books I *want* to be reading! ;) :)

  2. I should post my TBR list here... would fill your blog. 2 and a half sides of a paper, not large printing, two columns on each of the sides (except the last one). Sigh.... But HEY! I've got them written down. Now I'll group them, then I'm putting the list on my puny blog.

  3. Ok, I did it. :) No Authors names. But I did make sure I had the titles right.