Friday, January 4, 2013

I am a reading challenge addict

SO it's official. And I'm not alone. There is support for people like me.

Even though I was trying to be judicious and only choose challenges that support my desire to improve the quality and breadth of my reading, I ended up with a lot of challenges for 2013.

Let's see how many:
1.  A Little Help From My Friends
2.  What's in a Name
3. Vintage Mystery
4. Nerdy Non-fiction
5. TBR Pile Challenge
6. Genre Variety Challenge
7. Historical Fiction Challenge
8.  Read-a-Latte
9.  Back to the Classics
10. Tea and Books
11. Library Challenge
And the Reading Challenge Addicts makes 12!  This puts me in the In Flight category.

I also have my two ongoing challenges. Filling in the Gaps, which runs through December 2015, and the Nonfiction Challenge running through 2017.

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